In most residential homes it is usually the case to install single head split systems. It is a common scenario that customers install one or two units into their homes. You may want to do the common living area to enjoy heating and cooling comfort in the most used area of the house and some people also might install a second unit into their main bedroom. Of course, there are many different combinations that will be needed depending on peoples desires and budgets.

There are many cases where we install anywhere from one to five single systems into a home. Installing single head air conditioners is usually the most cost effective way to go about it because installing a multi system is almost always more expensive. You can read more about why that is here

In this particular situation where three indoor units were being installed the customer decided that a multi head system was the best way to go for them. There where two main reasons for this.

1 – Two of the rooms that the air conditioners were to be installed into ran along side their driveway. This made installing the units back to back a problem. We don’t like to install outdoor compressor units in driveways because they create a potential for damage to cars and to the air conditioner. Obviously, they would also take up space in the drive as well. Last thing you want is to accidentally run your car into the system.

Sometimes we can install the units up on a wall bracket which would keep the units high enough for this not to be a problem but this home was weatherboard. Weatherboard homes can create problems with vibration through the walls, especially when the unit is in a bedroom. More often than not the air conditioner would be running at night when it is quiet and the chance of noticing any noise is amplified. We avoid this if we can.

2 – The only suitable position for the outdoor unit was not big enough for more than one outdoor compressor.


The install was in a Californian bungalow style house in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

You can see how we installed the units in the video below.