Everybody wants to keep costs down, right?

Well, when installing a split system air conditioner sometimes it is best to spend a little more. Here are some examples of when and why.

To Move or Not Move

The outdoor unit was originally going to be located here, which would have made it a simple back-to-back installation. Once we explained to the customer that the top of the air conditioner would sit just above their kitchen window sill they decided to move it further down the side of the house.

This required 8 extra meters of pipe, which had to be run through the roof. Running pipes through roofs takes more time and considerable care to avoid any damage to the roof itself.​.

To Move or Not Move

Once the job was completed the alternative location was much preferred.

This is also a great example of out door unit sizes. This is the Fujitsu 9.2Kw ASTG34LFCB. The out door unit on this model is approximately twice the size in height of the 6.8Kw model.

Maximising your balcony space.

Maximising Balcony Space

This position on the balcony was decided to be a simple side back-to-back installation as it was an investment property and the landlord wanted to keep cost to a minimum (surprise, surprise!).

The pro’s are:

  • The cost was kept down
  • Being a new building the power supply was located here by the builder’s electrician.

The con’s are:

  • The unit is visible from inside the apartment and right near the door.
  • It restricts one end of the balcony.
  • The drain had to be run around the edge of the balcony to the drain located on the other side, which can look a bit ugly.
Maximising Balcony Space 2

The alternative option was to place the unit at the other end of the balcony out of the way.

The pros are:

  • The unit is in the corner of the balcony at the back and out of the way.
  • It is not visible on front of the window.
  • It is right next to the drain.

The cons are:

  • More pipe and duct to be ran from indoor unit to outdoor unit.
  • The relocation of electrical supply.
  • More cost.

Tip – If you can afford it, move it. The unit will be sitting there annoying you. The upfront extra cost will be long forgotten.