All the major brands like Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Daikin, and ActronAir share three main Features; they all have high efficiency ratings, they are all quiet (inside and out) and they all come with a 5-year residential warranty.

That means they all offer you the ability to heat and cool your home as cheaply as possible with peace of mind. They all also have their own features that differentiate themselves from the crowd. If you are looking for something a little extra than the three main features, it is worth having a look through the different brochures for each brand.

There are also a few other considerations that consumers would most likely not be aware of. For example, some brands only offer a maximum distance between the indoor and the outdoor unit of 5 meters before more gas needs to be put into the air conditioner to ensure it is working at its optimal efficiency and capacity. More gas means more cost. The money you think you are saving on buying the unit may cost more in the end. Not a problem for a back-to-back installation but is something that needs to be advised in more advanced situations with longer pipe runs.

Also, some larger models in the 7-8Kw ranges have a high fan function to push air as far as possible, some up to 17 meters. In long rooms, this might be something you need to be advised of.

Some models also have a self cleaning mode which will run the indoor fan in a cycle that will dry out the unit from moisture preventing things such as mould to grow in the unit.