We offer Samsung ducted air conditioners for sale at great prices and the ability to buy online. We can supply only or we can arrange expert installation. We can also supply a suitable air conditioning installation kit.

Samsung ducted air conditioners have an operating range that will ensure they continue to provide heating a cooling even in the most extreme weather conditions. Guaranteed to operate at -15 degrees C to 50 degrees C outside temperature you can make sure your air conditioner is running at a time when it is most needed.

Coming with a clear and bright LCD screen and a weekly operation scheduler allowing you to set automatic run times, you can wake up to a nice warm home or come home to a cool sanctuary of comfort out of the harsh summer heat after a long day at work.

At affordable prices a Samsung ducted air conditioning system is a great choice to heat and cool the whole home. And because it is an inverter your air conditioner will keep the room at a constant unfluctuating temperature.

All Samsung ducted air conditioner prices listed are for the units only.