Updated 21st April 2015

Samsung is a global brand with many high tech, high quality gadgets, but are their air conditioners worth buying?

The answer from our point of view as installation experts is a big YES!
Over the last couple of years Samsung air conditioners have made a huge impact on the air conditioning market here in Melbourne.
Almost all major suppliers to the air conditioning trade have begun to stock their wall splits and their ducted air conditioners. Why?

Samsung is leading the way with great features like integrated WIFI. This feature allows you to control the system on your smart phone or tablet by downloading their smart air conditioning app, provided of course you have wireless in your home ( and these days who doesn’t?). It’s a pretty handy feature. You can be sitting on the couch in the lounge room and turn
the unit in your bedroom on just before you go to bed. And you can turn your lounge room unit on just as you wake up so you can come out to nice warm room. As all split systems take around 5 minutes to start blowing warm air you won’t have to wait to be warm. Leaving the office on a 40 degree day? Turn your air conditioner on before you leave work and come home to a nice cool room.

The WIFI models do cost a bit more of course so Samsung also provide NON-WIFI models as well.

Screen shots of the smart air conditioning app.

Samsung app in Cooling mode

Cooling mode

Samsung smart app options panel

Smart app options

The new Triangle design of the wall unit is very different than any thing else on the market. It allows a much larger area on top of the unit for air flow through the unit and has a new wide front for more air output.

Samsung smart air conditioner

The new “triangle” design

The front panel also has a digital screen that shows the temperature you have selected for a few seconds and then reverts to the actual temperate in the room. Personally I think this is a feature that all units should have.

Temperature display

Temperature display

Samsung have also begun to supply another range of air conditioners in Australia known as the Boracay range. This may be due to the triangle design of the Ballarat range not being to everybody’s liking. Yes, they are very different looking to other brands but in my opinion they look fine. The fact is that when it comes to aesthetics every one is different. Now you have a choice!

Also the Borocay range have integrated WIFI options.

Samsung Borocay model

Samsung Borocay model