How to replace an old split system air conditioner

Split systems have been around since the mid 80s and have gone through some major changes since then. Everything from inverter technology, advances in efficiency ratings, noise levels, useful features like WIFI control and styles that are much more aestheticly pleasing than the older air conditioners.

Maybe you feel it is time to take the leap from the “dark ages” of air conditioning or most likely youre in a very common situation with old systems….it has just died on you! Depending on the quality of the brand you have probably enjoyed it working for at least 10 years or more.

The good news is they can be replaced fairly easily, depending on the installation type. If it is installed back to back we can generally fit a new unit in the same place as the old one. In many cases we can also re-use the electrical supply which, in apartments especially makes it easier and cheaper.

Sth Yarra, Melbourne

Replacing two old split systems in an apartment


This installation in South Yarra, Melbourne involved removing two old Fujitsu units. Although they still were operational the client had decided that it was time to upgrade them with two new highly efficient Mitsubishi 3.5kw SRK35ZMA units.

Notice the front of the indoor units. They have the old style grills on the front of the unit. All models these days have a flat cover which looks much nicer.

Check out the video to see how we did it.

Essendon, Melbourne

Replacing one split system in a residential house plus a new unit too

Replacing one split system in a residential house plus a new unit too

This installaion in Essendon involved removing an old in-efficent unit that was over 15 years old with a brand new Mitsubishi high effiency unit. We also installed a brand new unit for the living/kitchen area. The house was weather board. The replacement change over was a basic back to back. The new unit was an advanced install that required running pipes through the pitched roof to the side of the house.

Check out the video to see how we did it.

Ringwood, Melbourne

Replacing one split system in a small unit

This installation in Ringwood, Melbourne involved removing one very old SHARP split system. It must have been at least 10 years old, maybe more.The unit had stopped working completely.

This job had two important things that needed to be considered before choosing the right model for the job.

When we are replacing old units we try to choose the right models so that the existing unit is the same dimensions as the old unit if possible. This can save you from having to re-plaster, repair or re-paint the wall around the new air conditioner. The client here had chosen to go with the brand new Mitsubishi MSZ50GL unit which has a new gas R32 making it even more efficient than the older MSZ25GE. As you can see the new indoor unit is 200mm shorter than the old unit, leaving the right side of the wall uncovered. The client was made aware of this before hand and was planning to paint the walls anyway in the near future.

Now the outdoor unit –
This is where choosing the right brand and model can make a big difference in the final appearance of the installation.

This was the existing outdoor unit.
The outdoor unit was located right at the front of the apartment under a window.
The old SHARP unit only sat as high as the tiles under the window pane.

Different size outdoor unit options.

The new Mitsubishi MZS50GE has an outdoor unit with the dimensions 880mmH x 840mmW x 330mmD making it noticably higher and wider and taking up more space. It is also much more noticable from inside looking out. The client was also made aware of this before hand and were ok with it, as they specifically wanted that model.

Just to illustrate the point, here is the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries brand 5.0kw SRK50ZMA. It’s outdoor unit has the dimensions 640mmH x 800mmW x 290mmD. As you can see it is alot smaller and sits under the height of the window. This could have been a better choice in this instance but of course everybody is different and make their final choice on whats best for them.

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