Braemar Paradigm LCQ250 evaporative cooler


The Braemar LCQ250 features,

• Braemar quality and reliability
• High efficiency
• Option to upgrade to MagIQtouch® controller.



Nominal power motor (watts)


Net Dimensions mm
(w x h x d)
1150 x 685 x 1150 mm

Operating Weight kg

Litres per second




Braemar LCQ250 is suitable for installation with these evaporative cooling kits.


evaporative cooling kit ceiling 4 points          evaporative cooling kit ceiling 5 points


The Braemar LCQ250 evaporative cooler features “whisper quiet” operation and low running costs. You can cool your whole home from one centralised wall controller. Evaporative cooling is a low cost option for cooling for your home, office or workplace. Upload your plans or arrange an on site inspection now.

This evaporative air conditioning unit has advanced water saving technology designed to eliminate water waste. WATERmanager continuously monitors water quality electronically, replacing it only when mineral deposits exceed acceptable levels. Braemar automatically empties its reservoir, leaving it clean and dry and closes off the air conditioning ducts to prevent cold draughts and heat loss in winter.

They also feature whisper quiet operation incorpoarting Braemar’s state of the art Stealth Fan. Braemar evaporative coolers are also Australian made and 100% Australian owned! Available colours are; Heritage Green, Terracotta, Beige and Slate Grey.

With evaporative cooling you can leave your windows and doors open as opposed to having to keep everything shut with a refrigerated cooling system. This allows fresh air to constantly cycle through out the home or office. It actually replaces all of the air approximately every two minutes! This also allows the system to expel odours and stale air. It is also friendly to people that have allergies or suffer from asthma. The evaporative system is also cheaper to purchase and install through out the whole home.

How evaporative cooling works

  1. Hot air is drawn in through the evaporative cooling pads.
  2. Water cooled pads cool the warm air.
  3. “Whisper quiet” fan draws cooled air through ducts.
  4. Cool air enters the room via grills.
  5. Air is expelled out through windows or doors.


evap diagram


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