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Welcome to current force. Buying air conditioning can be confusing! There are so many different types of air conditioners that it can be hard to know what kind of heating and cooling is right for you.
Whether you are looking to install in a residential home or commercial premises, we have a solution to suit your needs and budget. We also offer a comprehensive guide to buying air conditioners. This includes everything from installation examples, best brands, energy efficiency ratings, prices and if you already know what you want, the ability to buy and install air conditioners online using our very popular quoting tool. This revolutionary system guarantees you getting our best split system air conditioner prices.

From efficiency to sizing and installation types, learn more before you buy

Compare efficiency

Compare our range of split systems efficiency ratings by KW size and star ratings.

Room size guide

Not sure? A simple guide to get you sized up quickly

Compliance Certificates

Required by law for electrical and refrigeration work.

Our google reviews

  • CurrentForce has just replaced our old split system air conditioner with the new Mitsubishi unit where the outside unit is on the roof. It was a pleasure to deal with Jason - very professional, knowledgeable and prompt. Jason was very prompt with the quote and followed up with a phone call to clarify a couple of questions I had. We were pleasantly surprised to be quoted less than we anticipated for this job. once installed, Jason showed me how to use the unit and how to look after it. I was a newbie in the area of air conditioners. Jason's website was the most informative and honest website about air conditioners I came across in my search. Highly recommend CurrentForce.

    Tania Webster Avatar Tania Webster

    Jason had already installed a split system in the main bedroom in 2018. I was very impressed with the quality of his work, so I had him come out and install split systems in the other 2 bedrooms. The units look great in the bedrooms and the external units have been expertly installed. I would highly recommend his professionalism, and at a competitive price.

    David Avatar David
  • I had the pleasure of working with Jason who responded to my request for a quote promptly, explained everything to me, and within a few days we had the installation date confirmed. We had two other quotes which were well over what Jason quoted. They arrived early, did a great job, and left the place tidy. Very professional and highly recommended.

    Rie Maeda Avatar Rie Maeda

    Jason's great - supplied and installed reverse-cycle units at our current and previous homes, always professional, responsive and uses quality brands. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

    Nick Power Avatar Nick Power
  • Jason's great - supplied and installed reverse-cycle units at our current and previous homes, always professional, responsive and uses quality brands. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

    Nick Power, Avatar Nick Power,

    Jason was great to deal with from the very first phone call and the process of having reverse cycle air conditioners installed in my home was simple. I'd highly recommend Current Force Electrics.

    Fred Mac Avatar Fred Mac
  • Great service onsite and over the phone when discussing the placement of the airconditioners within the house. Would recommend without a second thought.

    Pete Fairbrother Avatar Pete Fairbrother

    Absolutely professional. Was able to communicate details and different options available. Would highly recommend.

    Graham Magor Avatar Graham Magor
  • My experience with Current Force was definitely 5 star. Jason was very informative and was particularly good at solving a rather difficult set of circumstances to do with installing a AC. Most companies that I called wouldn't even come out to have a look .... and another company came up with a very expensive alternative that was also unsightly to the building. Jason was extremely pleasant to deal with and was on time and left my place really clean. I highly recommend him ... in fact I've passed his number to several friends of mine! Thanks Jason for your work. Lucy

    lucy Mora Avatar lucy Mora

    Highly recommended. Excellent value and service.

    Sarah Dickinson Avatar Sarah Dickinson

Split systems

Installation research.

What is right for you?

We have an extensive catalogue of installation types and pricing to help you navigate buying and installing a split system air conditioner.

Installing in homes – all types and ages

Fitting an air conditioning system into a single storey home can range between a simple process and a challenging one depending on the type of home and the desired location of the indoor and outdoor units. Our prices start with single storey homes

Installing in apartments – All types

We have extensive experience installing split systems in a large variety of apartment buildings ranging from older styles from. the 50s onward to modern high rises. We can also help you gain Body Corp approval. Browse through our installation information and videos of what might be right for your apartment.

Understanding costs

The cost of installing a split system can vary due to a wide range of factors. Check out our examples and find out why.
body corporate checklist

Gaining body corporate approval

We have extensive experience dealing with Body Corp especially in apartment situations…yep!


Installing split systems in residential houses

With a large variety of homes in Melbourne there can be many different types of installation types to satisfy individual needs.

Single storey homes – all types and ages

Fitting an air conditioning system into a single storey home can range between a simple process and a challenging one depending on the type of home and the desired location of the indoor and outdoor units. Our prices start with single storey homes

Double storey homes – all types and ages

Fitting air conditioning systems into second storey rooms presents a variety of things to consider including cost. The main focus with these type of heating and cooling system installations is where to locate the outdoor unit (compressor).
Upload your plans

New homes – quoting of the plan stage

When installing in a new home there are a few different stages that need to be considered. The first consideration is to decide what kind of units you want in your new home and the best place to locate both in door and outdoor units. That is all done prior to construction based on the plans of the home. Secondly, you need to decide whether you want to run all the pipes, drain and electrical cables before the plaster is put in.

Understanding costs

The cost of installing a split system can vary due to a wide range of factors. Check out our examples and find out why.


Installing split systems in residential apartments

Our experience in apartment installations covers virtually every style. From new to old and low rise to high rise, we can help you getting a split system installed and body corporate approval.

New apartments

New apartments – Usually built from the 90s onward

New apartments come in many different shapes and sizes. Proper planning before you install your air conditioner is very important.
Most Melbourne apartments will require body corporate approval.
older apartments

Older apartments – Usually built in the 60s, 70s, 80s.

Older apartments require special attention to details for things such as old rendered on walls and out of date electrical wiring.
Most Melbourne apartments will require body corporate approval.

High rise apartments –

Usually inner city, South Bank, St Kilda and surrounding areas

High rise apartments require a balcony for outdoor unit location. They also require proper planning before fitting an aircon system to avoid any added costs.
Most Melbourne apartments will require body corporate approval.
body corporate checklist

Gaining body corporate approval

We have extensive experience dealing with Body Corp especially in apartment situations…yep!
installation quote package afterinstallation quote package after

A Body corporate service

Digital image quotes

Digital image quotes available to help you gain Body Corp approval. See the installation before work begins!

Our digital image quoting has been a huge success for over 15 years and has helped thousands of customers gain Body Corp approval much faster. It  allows a clear understanding between client and Body Corp and us to deliver level of service that eliminates any issues with the installation of your air conditioner and the community in your building.

Our property managers portal is perfect for real estate agents

Let us do the leg work dealing with landlords, tenants and body corp. Use our tailored online form and leave it to us!

What Problems Can We Fix?

old air conditioners

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Dead Battery

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Installing a split system in an older style apartment

Older style apartments usaully built betwween the 1950’s and the 1970’s are double brick buildings. This fact makes them very well insulated and perfect for a split system air conditioner. It really makes a big difference in keeping the heat in or out. Because the internal wall is brick and usually coverd in render as well, it is very important to install a split system as carefully as possible. It requires loud and heavy drilling and needs to be done properly. Below are some real examples of air conditioning installations around Melbourne, showing different options depending on where your apartment is situated.

Check out our latest short video

Installation of a 5.0kw split system into a third storey 60’s style apartment in Hawthorn.

Ground floor Apartment

Suburb – Hawthorn (ground floor apartment, 60’s style)

This split system installation in Hawthorn, Melbourne was on the ground floor of an older style apartment. Walls are double brick which means twice the drilling. Internal walls like most apartments of this era are covered with  a layer of render which can over time become quite fragile and brittle, so drilling through this really does require a degree of skill and patience! The client bought the apartment as an investment and did a very nice modernization of the interior including brand new hard wood floor boards. We have to be careful. Like most jobs of this type we always cover the floor with cardboard to stop brick and mortar from damaging the floor. One important point of interest is that the client made a point of letting us know he wanted the best units we offer. Understandably he had concerns over the longevity of the split systems to be reliable and effective for many years to come. A wise decision when you think about the associated costs of maintaining an investment property. On top of that, he spent the extra money it takes to locate the outdoor unit in a more desirable location, well away from the back door. Of course everyone has a budget so this may not be possible for all people but it is certainly the best case scenario. We installed a split system in the open plan lounge/kitchen and one in the master bedroom. This should keep the apartment including the extra bedroom climate controlled very well. Being double brick and having another apartment above it keeps it very well insulated.

Older style Apartment

Suburb – Elsternwick, Melbourne (older style apartment)

This installation required internal duct work because the walls of the lounge room had no external wall. They were butted up against the neighbours apartment which was in a long line of apartments. The split system indoor unit had to be in the lounge room so the only way to get the drain outside was using internal ducting. We took the pipes into the bedroom so that they were not visible from the lounge room which made the install just that little bit neater. The pipes went straight up onto the flat tin roof as the apartment was on the top flor of the complex. The drain was then ran down and around the skirting boards to the outer wall. We kept the drain inside the larger duct so that is all looked uniform. The outdoor unit on the roof was in the middle of the apartment and was not visible from any angle from the ground.

60’s style Apartment

Suburb – St Kilda, Melbourne (third storey apartment, 60’s style art deco)

This installation involved a scissor lift, double brick and mounting the outdoor units on the roof of the balcony. We installed 2 x split system air conditioners. One is a 5kw unit to heat and cool the lounge and dining room and the other was a 2.5kw for the bedroom.
Being and older style apartment it was double brick, meaning the inside walls are solid brick. These jobs can get a little messy due to the drilling of the brick work inside but we do our best to minimize it. The scissor lift was need to work on the external part of the building at a three storey height.
The customers elected to have the units mounted on the roof as opposed to the balcony so they would not have precious space taken away from their fairly small baclony. Obviously this leads to extra installtion costs but it is by far the best solution especially if you are an owner occupier. There was some external conduit work required to get the electrical supply back to the switchboard. This was unavoidable and required body corporate approval.
Check out our video to see how we did it.

70’s style Apartment

Suburb – St Kilda, Melbourne (second storey apartment, 70’s style)

This installation of a 7.1kw Mitsubishi split system air conditioner into a 4 storey apartment building in Elwood was a bit unusual. The apartment was on the 2nd storey and the ducting on the outside was run two more storeys up to the roof.  The client insisted on having a 7.1kw split system installed which was probably too big for the total space. They reasoned that if they were going to spend the money they would prefer a bigger unit…ok.

It required body corp approval and also the use of a scissor lift to access the roof where the outdoor unit will be located. The electrical supply required internal ducting to be ran from the switchboard. We kept it down low so furniture would help obscure it.

70’s style Apartment

Suburb – Elwood, Melbourne (third storey apartment, 70’s style)

The client in this installation located in St Kilda, Melbourne was adamant that they did not want to lose space on thier balcony. As you can probably understand when living in a small apartment the balcony space can be a nice place to sit and relax, maybe BBQ or have some nice plants to appreciate. We offered the solution of mounting the outdoor unit off the balcony on a wall bracket. We were able to do this safely due to the size of the unit which was a 3.5kw Mitsubishi. After using our online quoting system we were able to assess and suggest the alternative to losing balcony space.

  • Our's is an ancient double story double brick house and most of the AC people who came to inspect and quote were very negative about the challenges a house like this posses (and quoted accordingly) . Jason was very relaxed and positive. He quickly worked out how to do it. Gave us a very competitive quote and did a great job. Very professional and just really nice people to deal with.

    Philip Stott Avatar Philip Stott

    I got two bedroom units installed and a lounge room unit replaced with Current Force Electrics. The online quoting system was comprehensive and thorough, as was the phone call I had with Jason, which was very reassuring - I'd been burnt by other AC companies already. His prices were extremely affordable, his communication was prompt, he was on time and thorough. The team took the time to clean up any mess they had made and walked me through the features of the units. The ACs installed have been absolutely fantastic. Would 100% recommend. Thanks Jason!

    Sami Peachey Avatar Sami Peachey
  • Jason and his company is highly recommended. He installed my split system exactly where I wanted without fuss. He did a very neat job, cleaned up after himself, was quick, arrived on time and very professional.

    Haideh Kootval Avatar Haideh Kootval

    From the enquiry to the quote and install everything was effortless in the process. Jason was friendly and professional and took the time to provide relevant advice. I would highly recommend!

    Steven Vermeer Avatar Steven Vermeer
  • Very easy going and punctual.

    Sagar Motiani Avatar Sagar Motiani

    I highly recommend Current Force, Jason was a pleasure to deal with. He promptly answered my many questions and was more than willing to deal with the challenges of installation in my top floor apartment, which has some access issues – other companies were either not able to do the job or gave me quotes that were significantly higher. The installation process itself was very efficient and I am very happy with the result.

    Kristin Devine Avatar Kristin Devine
  • Amazing service at great price. Jason is very professional, knowledgeable and easy to deal with and unlike some tradies he is punctual. Also his work is very neat and tidy if it weren't for the fact there was a split system on the wall you couldn't even tell he had been there - there was absolutely no mess left behind. Fantastic job, very happy and would highly recommend.

    Kerry Donovan Avatar Kerry Donovan

    Jason was great to deal with from the very first phone call and the process of having reverse cycle air conditioners installed in my home was simple. I'd highly recommend Current Force Electrics.

    Fred Mac Avatar Fred Mac
  • Very responsive to enquiries and were happy to provide lots of details on the planning, including diagrams for body corporate approval. Competitive prices and provided a thorough and professional service, keeping me informed all the way. Would highly recommend.

    Kate Eastwood Avatar Kate Eastwood

    Extremely impressed with the standard of knowledge and customer service . Jason arrived on time . Kept me in the loop and did a great job .

    Chris Avatar Chris

In corner of room

Side back to back installations

In a lot of apartment buildings there is not enough room to mount the indoor unit on the external wall for a variety of reasons. In this case there is not enough space between the window and the roof. The simplest solution is to mount the unit on one of the adjoining internal walls. To do this the right or left side of the unit (depending on what side of the room it is going on) touches the external wall.

Learn more

side back to back installation

Single storey homes

Installing a split system in single storey home

Installing in an existing home can range from the very simple to the very complicated. With the seemingly infinite styles of homes around Melbourne and Australia it really can come down to horses for courses. Generally a back-to-back installation in most homes is the cheapest option. Whether your home is a single brick plaster cavity style, weatherboard, foam render or double brick it is pretty straight forward. That is assuming it is a single story home. If it is not straight forward, you can browse through our installation examples below to get a better idea of the various types of installations available.
single storey home

Single storey homes

Installing on a pitched roof

Pitched roof installations can sometimes be your best option or only solution.

Learn more

installing on a pitched roof

Side of house

Installing down the side of a house

You don’t want to lose space on a narrow pathway.

Learn more

installing down the side of a house

Wall brackets

Why install on a wall bracket?

Keeping the out door unit off the ground can have some advantages.

Learn more

why install on a wall bracket

Internal walls

Installing indoor unit on an internal wall

Internal wall installs add cost and can require cutting plaster as well.

Learn more

installing on internal wall

Cutting plaster

Installing on an internal wall with cutting plaster

When installing on an internal wall sometimes there is no other way than to cut plaster to be able to get the pipes, drain and electrical cables out side. It is also a better option for most even though it is more expensive when considering the extra cost of plastering and painting afterwards.

Learn more

plaster cut installation

Internal wall

Installing on an internal wall with duct on walls

Installing an air conditioner on an internal wall in an apartment can be done. It usually requires running internal duct that can blend in with the room if done correctly. There are ways of concealing ducting but generally it is a last option for difficult installations.

Learn more

internal ducting installation

High rise buildings

Melbourne’s high rise split system experts

We hope that if you are looking at installing a split system into your apartment, this page will give you the information to figure out what might work for you

Go straight to our installation videos

high rise buildings

High rise buildings

These are the important points for any one looking to install a split system in a high rise

Melbourne’s high rise split system experts

Installing in high-rise apartment buildings is something that calls for more than just the installation itself. All installations require body corporate approval. As to the scope for each building, it can vary. Some can be pretty reasonable and others can be quite strict. Generally, the only place for the outdoor unit in these situations is to mount it on the balcony of the apartment. Depending on the width of the balcony space you may need to look at the outdoor unit dimensions. If you are purchasing a 2.5KW or 3.5KW unit it is not such a big deal as all the units are approx the same size. It is the 5KW range that can have different sized out door units

It is also very important to buy a quiet unit so your neighbours don’t complain. All the wall mounted split systems units listed on are in the very quiet range. When loosing space on the balcony it is impotrant to be aware that you should not place anything on top such as plants or BBQ’s (yes, we have seen it before) as this can damage the unit and void your warranty. Also, nothing should be place in front of the unit that can restrict the flow of air out of the unit. We can help you figure out which model is right for your situation in regards to the dimensions of the outdoor unit. The main points that you need to be aware of are:

  • Most will not let any pipes exit onto the balcony ABOVE the height of the balcony railing. This means pipes need to be ran inside the walls (cutting plaster) or internally.
  • No drains are to allow water to drip of the balcony. Remember, water drains from the indoor unit when cooling and it also drips from the outdoor unit when it is in heating mode. If you have a down pipe on the balcony you should be ok. If not, you will need to install an evaporation tray, which usually sits under the outdoor unit.This is essentially a heating element that evaporates the water. These are an extra cost. You can download a copy of a standard body corporate requirement list for air conditioner installation here. You should be able to gain a copy of your own buildings requirements from your building manager’s office.
  • The installation involves a bit more planning also.
  • You will need to make sure we have a parking space made available INSIDE the building as close to the elevator as possible.
  • We will also need access to a security pass for access up and down the elevator.

If this sounds like a lot of this to arrange, don’t worry. We are experts in dealing with all the requirements and do our best to make it a seamless experience. If you use our online quoting system, you’ll find body corporate approval will be much easier to gain.

Melbourne CDB

Replacement of old single system to multi system

This video shows how we installed a brand new multi split system air conditioner into an apartment in Melbourne CBD. It replaced an old unit that was in efficient and had only one indoor unit. The new split system was also able to heat and cool the bedroom as well as the living area.

Doncaster – Eight level apartment complex

Installation of x 2.5kw split systems

This job required two different installation types. Both split systems being installed are for the bedrooms in a two bedroom apartment. Becasue if the layout of bedroom 2 it was not possible to locate the indoor unit against the external wall. It needed to be approximately 2 meters in from the wall to be in an effective position to work at it’s best. This required cutting plaster and running pipes, drain and cables inside the wall. The second unit located in bedroom 1 was what we consider to be a relatively straight froward installation.

Melbourne CBD – Fourth level modern apartment

Installation of 7kw unit into lounge kitchen area

This installation was a bit of a challange because the client wanted the slit system installed 6 meters inside the apartment from the external wall on the balcony. It also had a small hallway in-between which meant we could not cut plaster out along the wall. Fortunately there was a bulkhead running along the length of the room that allowed us to run our pipes all the way from the balcony to the preferred location of the indoor unit. While it is possible to run the pipes inside the bulkhead, we did need to cut out plaster to be able to feed them through it. And also to get the electricl supply back to the switchboard. The location of the indoor unit was also ideal becasue the laundry was right behind it. This allowed us to run the drain directly into the waste. Without that being possible our only other choice would have been to install a water pump to extract the condensation from the indoor unit. We try to avoid that most of the time because pumps can create problems down the track. 

Melbourne CBD – Sth Bank 18th level modern apartment

Install of a split system with no external ducting

When wanting to install a split system in a large high rise building you will be dealing with a body corporate that is professionally managed. They are much stricter than body corps that are looked after by the tenants themselves. This means that any work being done on the building will be done so under strict rules. This apartment building was no exception and had specified that there should be no external duct on the outside of the building. Our client told us that because of that they had been told by more than one air conditioning company that it would be impossible to install an air conditioner. They found us on the internet and used our online quoting system. Once we had established that there was a cupboard running parallel with both the internal wall of the lounge room and the external balcony wall, we knew it would be possible to run the piping, drain and cables internally through the cupboard. The result was a very neat install that complied with the body corporate.

Melbourne CBD – Sth Bank 14th level modern apartment

Install of a split system side back to back

Sometimes in a high rise apartment it is possible to install a unit relatively easy manner. This install was what we call a “side” back to back because it is essentialley the same as a standard back to back installation except the pipes, drain and electrical cables exit on the side of the unit and not out the back. One samll exception in this situation is that the outdoor unit was to be located at the end of the balcony which had a rather unorthodox shape to it. It was also raised a little which made it awkward to try and sit it on the balcony it’s self. We decided to use a larger sized wall barcket which allowed us to mount the unit off the balcony and also far enough out from the concrete wall to be able to get in and work on it. The finished install was rather neat and the client was happy. The installation was arranged all through our online quoting system.

Melbourne CBD – Sth Bank 1oth level modern heritage apartment

Unusual/difficult installation in CBD apartment

This installation goes into the unusual category. The clients were told installing an air conditioner into their apartment was impossible…this video speaks for its self.

Understanding cost

Understanding the cost of installing a split system air conditioner

The cost of an air conditioning installation can vary wildly, because some jobs are more complex or require additional time and material.

Of the many installs we do, price is usually a factor. We do our best to install the units in the easiest locations to minimize cost. But a lot of times it’s not best to do it that way. Nobody wants an air conditioner sitting next to their front door or coming perilously close to thier car every time it’s backed into the driveway.
Generally you don’t want the outdoor unit located:
  • At the front of the house – You can put it there of course but it is worth considering the aesthetics as well. Will it be exposed and stand out? Would it be better around the side of the house? Often the outdoor unit can be hidden behind  bushes, shrubs or trees.
  • In narrow pathways – You don’t want to limit or even lose access for things like bins, wheel barrows, bikes. One option for this is to mount the outdoor unit on a wall bracket.
  • Deckings or entertaining areas – If you don’t want to be staring at it, its worth paying the extra to move it to a better location. The outdoor unit will blow either cold or warm air out from the front when running and could possibly make sitting outside uncomfortable and annoying. Once it is installed and working, you will be glad you did.
  • Drive ways or garages – Drive ways are not a good location for air conditioners. Not only is it costly to repair or replace a unit that has been backed into or sideswiped, it is extremely dangerous.


Split system installation pricing examples

Browse through our real life examples to get a better understanding of costs involved in different scenarios.
Pricing example 1 - Second storey family room

This installation is in a second storey family room. Unit installed was a 5.0kw Carrier split system. Fortunately there is a flat roof directly behind the indoor unit location so the most cost effective solution is to mount the outdoor unit right behind it. Being second storey the installation will cost more than the same install on the ground floor. Lifting the unit onto the roof takes consideration and time.

Fully installed Carrier 5.0kw - $2495 inc GST

Pricing example 2 - Lounge room and bedroom combo

This installation was in a fairly new townhouse. The client wanted a solution for downstairs and an upstairs bedroom. The downstairs unit was deliberately located on the left side of the room so the pipes were able to exit to the external wall. Locating it any further to the right (the middle of the room) would mean the pipes would exit into the garage further complicating the install and affecting the cost. The upstairs unit was placed to the side of the room and the outdoor unit location will be directly and conveniently on the other side of the wall.

Pricing example 2 - Outdoor unit locations

The pipes on the lounge room unit exit precisely where we wanted them to and are run inside a duct up to the garage roof where the outdoor unit will be located. The drain runs down to the garden below. The duct is also nicely concealed from view by the down pipe. The bedroom unit sits right behind the indoor unit. Basically a back to back installation. Nice and neat!

Fully installed price for 2.5kw and 7.1kw Mitsubishi units - $4795

Pricing example 3 - Around a corner

This is a pretty straightforward forward installation. Single storey brick veneer. It could have been a straight forward back to back installation but the outdoor unit would have been in a walkway area so the client asked to locate it around the back of the house. The extra cost for the pip and duct work was charged at $45 per meter which was 4 meters.

Unit installed- 2.5kw Mitsubishi Heavy price $1995 inc GST

Pricing example 4 - Pipes through roof

This install is pretty tricky and was a lot of work. The inside walls where double brick and the roof had solar panels located right where we need to work!

The client wanted the out door units around the side of the house.

Pricing example 4 - Pipes through roof

Fortunately we where able to work around them but it did add a lot more time onto the job (added cost). These kinds of installs can be dangerous pulling pipes through the roof, working off ladders and avoiding damage to the solar panels. Drains were run across to the down pipe.

Fully installed price 2.5kw and 6.8kw LG - $5750 inc GST.

Pricing example 5 - extra pipe and duct

This install is a tad different as you can see. The client came up with this solution as the best option for them as all the other options would have had the unit on the front of the house balcony. They don't use that door in the photo so they were happy to go ahead with this.

Fully installed Panasonic 5.0kw - $2595 inc GST

pricing example 6 - Wall bracket

Installations like this one are common in apartment buildings. The inside room backs onto the carpark under the building. The simplest option is to mount it on a wall bracket. Other options are to run more ducting along the wall and locate the unit out of sight which adds more cost. Also body corporate will have a say in it too. What looks worse, the unit on the wall or more duct run along it?

Fully installed Fujitsu 5.0kw price - $2750

pricing example 7 - Extra duct

This installation had a pre determined destiny! The client had thought ahead and wanted to locate the outdoor unit out of the elements and had already had a concrete slab waiting. The extras on this job are the pipes, duct and work ($45 per meter). The out door unit is also around a corner. The client made the right choice on this location as having the unit on the ground would have it being less protected and also running duct over the sone wall would have looked pretty weird.

Fully installed price 7.1kw Mitsubishi split system - $3295 inc GST

Pricing example 8 - working at height, extra pipe and duct, roof mounted

Even though this is a fairly basic install it does required working off ladders at second storey height and also lifting a heavy air conditioner onto a roof. Pipe and duct is charged at $45 per meter.

Fully installed price for 2.5kw LG split system - $2150 inc GST

Pricing example 9

This is a great example of needing to spend extra money to get a better outcome. The indoor unit was located on an external wall that backed onto the clothes line. The client did not want the outdoor unit located there so it was placed further down the side of the house. There was also a gate there as well so it was decided to take it even further so there was no issues with access when opening and closing it. The client also wanted to upgrade the ducting to colour bond to match the gutters on the house.

Price - 7.1kw Mitsubishi SRK71ZRA $2850

Extra pipe and colour bond - $300

Total - $3150 inc GST



Device Screen Repair



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