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Mitsubishi Split System Air Conditioners

There are two Mitsubishi brands...

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Some people will tell you one is better than the other but the fact is they are both top of the line in quality. It can be confusing to consumers but they are as different as comparing Samsung to Fujitsu. 


They are completely different companies.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Brand new units released October 2017! Utilizing the latest energy efficient R32 refrigerant gas and completly redesigned by Italian designers Tensa.

We have been recommending this brand for over 10 years due to their outstanding reliabilty and incredibly quiet out door units. 


Mitsubishi electric

The Mitsubishi Electric GL models have been on the market since 2016 and have incredible efficieny ratings especially in the lower KW ranges. A solid brand that has been at the top of the air conditioning martket for a very long time.

Reliable, quiet and WIFI compatible (as an option) you'll find them running well for many years to come.


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All products include back-to-back installations