In certain circumstances it is possible to hide the outdoor unit of a split system air conditioner from view. This installation was in a town house that ran almost the entire length of the property in Chadstone, Melbourne.


This was a 2.5kw FUJITSU ASTG09KMCA installed into  a bedroom on the second storey level. Fortunately the other side of the wall had a flat tin roof area right behind it that was ore than ample for the outdoor unit to fit nicely. This avoided the need to run the piping all the way to the ground level which would have otherwise had the unit sitting down the side of the house which already did not have a lot of walkway space. It also made the installation a little bit cheaper for the client because it fell into our back to back (second storey) category.

One of the advantages of this was not only the unit being out of the way but also more or less not visible at all.  The client was not even aware that he could install the unit this way until we suggested the option to him.


Side of house

split system installed down side of house


Split system installed on flat roof out of sight

split system not visible