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Final price on these kinds of installs needs to be assessed through our online quoting tool or an in home quote.

Intermediate air conditioning installations are when the outdoor air conditioner might need to go on a different wall to the indoor unit or around a corner or up on a wall bracket.

What you get:

  • Outdoor unit positioned on concrete slabs or plastic feet or wall bracket
  • Up to 3 meters of Refrigeration pipe and interconnecting cables extra piping priced per metre
  • Up to 20 meters electrical supply new or existing circuit depending on unit size
  • Includes 1 length duct cover (2.4metres)
  • Extra duct charged per length
  • Weatherproof Electrical isolator next to outdoor unit
  • Compliance certificates
  • 2.5kw to 3.5kw connected to existing power circuit
    Depending on your location installations start from 
  • 5.0kw to 8.0kw connected to a new 20 amp circuit 


  • Piping and interconnecting electrical and duct cover. Approx $45 per metre (over 3 meters)
  • Wall bracket approx $100 – $150 depending on size required and the height it is mounted at.

These prices include both refrigeration work and electrical work.



Second storey suburban house with the outdoor air conditioning unit mounted on a wall bracket attched to solid brick.
  • 3.5kw unit
  • Extra – wall mounting bracket

Total of installation – $1910 inc GST

Client wanted the unit mounted up on the wall as the indoor unit was in a bedroom upstairs. The units are mounted back to back but getting the outdoor unit up into this roof and mounting it puts it into the intermediate section.


intermediate 1


Single storey suburban home with easy access for the installation team. Homes like this make the installation run quicker and allow us to do a better price.
  • 7.1kw unit 
  • Piping and interconnecting electrical (extra 6 metres) ran through roof

Total of installation – $2940 inc GST

The indoor unit of this installation was in a room at the front of the house but the client wanted it on the side out of the way. Being a pitched tiled roof with space the pipes were able to be run through the roof and down the side wall.


intermediate 2


Commercial premises with limited access to lane way where the outdoor unit is mounted. Limited access adds a little more time and labour costs.

  • 7.1kw unit
  • Unit mounted 5 meters off ground

Total of installation – $3120 inc GST

This air conditioner was mounted 5 meters off the ground.

It requires the use of a motorized lift and adds costs due to the extra time and labour.


intermediate 3


Basic suburban home with easy access to installation area.

  • 5.0kw unit 
  • Unit mounted on wall bracket 

Total of installation – $2490 inc GST

This is a pretty basic back to back wall mount installation.


intermediate 4