There are a multitude of older style apartment buildings in and around the St Kilda area that have no air conditioning and or heating installed in them.

One of the reasons a lot of these buildings don’t have air conditioning is because of the limited space available for the outdoor unit. The occupants living here generally like to use their balconies and prefer not to have a unit take up space that could be used for relaxing or just enjoying the fresh air.

This particular installation was on the third floor of a 60’s style apartment.

St Kilda apartment

The client wanted to locate the outdoor unit on the flat roof of the building. Unfortunately there was no easy access to the roof to get the air conditioner up there. We were asked if we could lift the unit up from the balcony which we politely declined. The safety concerns of lifting a 70kg unit up onto a roof just a few inches from a 3 storey drop was a compelling reason to say……no way! Not surprisingly we were told that he had another company say it was not a problem. Not sure why he didn’t go with them.


The indoor unit was located in the corner of the room to allow the pipes to exit onto the balcony side of the building. All the other walls were a three storey drop to the ground. Way to high to work. Being in the corner of such a small living area is actually not a bad idea. If you are using the air conditioner to heat the apartment it is better to have it off to the side so that you don’t have warm air blowing on you when you are on the couch. Obviously, that does depend on the position of your furniture.

out door unit sitting on balcony

The end result is the out door unit was positioned in the corner of the balcony area and was a neat and much cheaper installation. The only other way to get the unit up on the roof in these situations is to use a scissor lift to access the roof and wall.