A common question that we are asked when installing a split system in an apartment is…Can the unit be installed next to my balcony?

The answer in most (not all) situations is yes!

Balconies can be valuable real estate in apartments because it is the only space you can get outside. Kind of like your own little backyard. Surely the space can be much better served by a BBQ or comfortable chair during those warm summer days and nights.

The installation in this apartment which was located in St Kilda, Melbourne is a perfect example of mounting the air conditioner next to the balcony. It was so small that to locate the system their would have pretty much rendered the space useless.

First step of the process is to get body corp approval. Generally body corp prefers air conditioners on the balcony as it minimises the potential of impacting the aesthetic nature of the building. Especially when trying to satisfy that one (and there is always one!) fellow owner who seems to complain about most things.


Fortunately for this customer the body corp approved the install. 

As the apartment was located on the first floor it was possible to install the unit without the use of a scissor lift. Anything higher than and a scissor lift will need to be used.


Check out the images below to see the finished install.