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Installation Pitfalls

There are very real problems that occur when air conditioners are bought and installed incorrectly. Not only can it cause problems with the operation of the air conditioner, but it also can be very dangerous. This is one of the reasons that the company installing your unit needs to hold insurance which can only be obained with a relevant licence.

It can be costly to fix or replace units that break down due to sub standard installations.

All of the installations below are jobs we have come across during our time in the industry. None of them are in any way affiliated with any companies through this website or Currentforce and serve only as representations of the pitfalls of choosing the wrong installer.

Tape used to fix pipes

Dangerous mounting

Poor duct work

Dangerous mounting

Damaged unit

Uncovered pipe and electrical work

Cheap and lazy drain solution

Unfinished duct work

Unlawful installation