New homes

Installing split systems in new homes

If you want to install split systems into a new home that is not yet built, the best way is to do it in two stages.

Stage one is for us to come and “ruff in” the pipes, drain and interconnecting electrical cables BEFORE the plaster is up. This allows us to run them inside the walls, in the roof or under the house (if not on a concrete slab), eliminating any visible duct on the outer side of the house.

Stage two is after the plaster is up. We then come back and “fit off” the indoor and outdoor units. Some building companies can charge considerably more to install air conditioning through their preferred suppliers and will also make it difficult for you to source your own options by denying access to third party air conditioning companies. If this is the case, give us a call. We may be able to help you get around those problems.

ruff in example

Installations after plastering

This installation had both outdoor units over 10 meters away from the indoor units. This was done so we could locate the outdoor units on the south side of the house on a second level roof completely out of view and also completely out of direct sunlight.

Pipes, drain and electrical cables where run through roof and walls prior to plastering. The cheapest option would have been back-to-back installations but that would have meant both outdoor units would be at the front of the house. This is a perfect example of extra money well spent!

Mont Albert, Melbourne

Air conditioning a new home

This beautiful new home built in Mont Albert in Melbourne is a great example of installing split systems into a new home and minimising the external elements on the outer walls of the house.

By ruffing in the pipes, drain and electrical cables before plastering, we are able to position the indoor units on internal walls with relative ease.

The following photos show the finished installation. We installed seven wall mounted split systems to cover the whole home.

Each room is able to be controlled separately with it’s own controller. Also, all but one outdoor unit was located

on the second storey flat roof running down the side of the property. This kept six outdoor units out of view and not taking up space around the house.

split install mont albert