Single storey homes

Installing a split system in single storey home

Installing in an existing home can range from the very simple to the very complicated. With the seemingly infinite styles of homes around Melbourne and Australia it really can come down to horses for courses.

Generally a back-to-back installation in most homes is the cheapest option. Whether your home is a single brick plaster cavity style, weatherboard, foam render or double brick it is pretty straight forward.

That is assuming it is a single story home.

If it is not straight forward, you can browse through our installation examples below to get a better idea of the various types of installations available.

single storey home

Single storey homes

Installing on a pitched roof

Pitched roof installations can sometimes be your best option or only solution.

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installing on a pitched roof

Single storey homes

Installing indoor unit on an internal wall

Internal walls add cost and can require cutting plaster as well.

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installing on internal wall

Side of house

Installing down the side of a house

You don’t want to lose space on a narrow pathway.

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installing down the side of a house

Wall brackets

Why install on a wall bracket?

Keeping the out door unit off the ground can have some advantages.

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why install on a wall bracket