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How Our Online Site Inspection Works

It gives you, fast accurate quotes...with a fixed price!


online air conditioning quotes

Our revolutionary online site inspection has been helping people source quotes with ease for over 9 years and proven to be a huge success! 
It's also an invaluable way of working with our customers and installers to provide a clear understanding between all involved.

What is the benefit of the online site inspection?


      It has a variety of benefits.


  • Body corporate approval

    One of the major problems when installing an air conditioner in a property that requires body corporate approval is just that - getting body corporate approval! Our digital quotes make it much easier and faster get your point across. The body corp can see what the installation will look like and where the units will be located. This takes care of any complaints or issues prior to installation and can save you stress and headaches if somebody complains after the air conditioner is installed. 

  • Landlords

    Landlords are able to be involved in the process and make requests or alterations prior to the installation without having to go out to the property.

  • People with limited time

    If you are a busy person and just don't have the time to be home for an in-home inspection, then you'll find the online site inspection extremely handy and simple.

  • Remote locations

    If you are located in an area that is remote and find it hard to get someone to come out and give you a quote. 

  • Getting a fixed price

    We give you a fixed price on installations ordered through our online quoting system.  No added costs or surprises upon installation!


Being able to see the split system unit positions and the house, office, apartment, etc, gives installers a
much clearer focus of the job when they arrive on site.



Will it save me money?


Yes! As they say, time is money. We don't need to spend time coming out to assess on site. Most online quotes will take less than 10 minutes of your time. Compare that with an on site quote that could take up to at least an hour or more of your time.


But remember, we do offer in home quotes. If you prerfer that just contact us and we will arrange it.

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Examples of What We Need from You  



Take a picture of proposed position of indoor unit

(must be on outside wall, unless for advanced installations)


Take a picture of outside wall

(directly behind indoor position)


Take a picture of proposed unit position

if not a back-to-back installation)


Take a full view picture between both positions


Take a picture of the switchboard

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