Any! As long as the photo is clear enough to see the images, we can use them for our digital online site inspection. Any digital cameras, including the one in your mobile phone or webcam are suitable. Simply use the browse button in the upload photo section to upload your photos. For photos over the specified limit, please email it directly to



How long does it take to receive my photos back with the job assembled?

In most cases between 24-48 hours from the time you upload them through our site and the installation is booked into the next available installation date.


When and how do I pay for the air conditioner and installation?

Once the job is booked we require a deposit for the installation. The balance is paid on completion of installation.


What if I’m not sure about what photos are required or need to ask some questions about anything?

No problem, you can call us directly on 0408 567 860 and we can answer any questions you have, between 08.00AM – 08.00PM on Monday to Friday, and 08.00AM – 12.00PM on Saturdays.


What if I’m not happy with any part of the installation I see in my online site inspection photos?

The great thing about our online site inspection is it allows you and us to change any aspect of the job BEFORE work begins. In fact that is one of the reasons we developed it. Call us or email us and we can make the necessary changes. We will also advise you as to what kind of installation is going to give you the maximum efficiency from your unit.


How is buying through current force different than other online air conditioner sites?

Most other sites will sell you a unit and then leave it up to you to organize the installation, which is the most important part of purchasing split system air conditioners. Being a licenced trade it can be very difficult to find someone to come out and do an install only. In summer it is almost impossible.