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Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative cooling is very cheap to run and provides a solution to cooling your whole home relatively cheaply. It uses water-cooled air to bring the temperature down. It also uses ducts and grills to blow cool air to each room and requires windows and or doors to be left open to allow the movement of air. Choosing an evaporative air conditioner is a personal choice, as some people prefer it to reverse cycle ducted air conditioning.

They operate at their best when it is hot and dry so humid conditions can mean lower performance and if not sized by an expert can be completely ineffective in prolonged extreme heat.

Prices on evaporative cooling are much cheaper than reverse cycle units and they cost less to run too, so if you are buying air conditioning on a budget you’ll find evaporative air conditioning worth a look. All the evaporative cooling units listed for sale online include the latest models and the option of purchasing a complete ducting installation kit.

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All wall split systems include back-to-back installations