We supply some of the most comprehensive DIY ducted air conditioning kits in the business!


We give you the the abiltiy to buy the highest quality flexible duct and fittings in the business!.

When you buy one of our air conditioning kits, you can be sure you will have everything you need to have your air conditioning unit installed without having to track down the bits and pieces others forget about. Not only do we have everything ready to load up, we have delivery covered too. We also include high quality flexible air conditioning and heating duct which includes a 10 year warranty.

All of our kits have all materials fully listed and visually available for your reference. You can combine any of our ducted kits with an evaporative cooler, reverse cycle air conditioner or ducted gas heating system. Buy our standard air conditioning kits online or send us your plans for a tailored kit that’s right for your heating or cooling solution. All our kits come neatly packed and ready for installation!

Kits exclude electrical and refrigeration components supplied by licensed installers. DIY air conditioning kits still need to be installed in accordance with local regulations.

Making sure that all the kits come with everything ordered is something the wer excel at. From order to delivery you can be guaranteed of receiving all the bits and pieces.


ducted air conditioning kits