We offer ducted air conditioners for sale at great prices and the ability to buy online. We can supply only or we can arrange expert installation. We can also supply a suitable air conditioning installation kit.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are capable of air conditioning your whole home or office. They are refrigerated like wall split systems and send warm or cool air to each room through ducts and grills.

Some of the ducted air conditioning models listed here are capable of the most incredibly precise climate control. You can buy our ducted air conditioning range online as a single unit or with a complete ducting kit or arrange an on site quote. Considered to be the ultimate in heating and cooling and featuring the latest in energy efficient technology, should you decide to buy a ducted air conditioner, you can relax in total comfort. All the ducted air conditioners for sale include our latest prices.

How do ducted air conditioners work?

We use only the best flexible duct, check it out here.

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