This installation required dealing with the body corporate of a large apartment complex in Hawthorn, Melbourne.


When the client contacted us he made it clear that the body corporate had given him strict instructions for the installation of two split systems in the bedrooms of the apartment. All of the other apartments had their air conditioners located in the underground carpark below.

The location of the bedrooms actually had space to install the units back to back which would have made the install and the price much easier and cheaper. But of course, body corporate has to be adhered to so the more complex installation was arranged. It included drilling concrete to be able access the carpark area. The two outdoor units also had to be located within the clients car space and nowhere else. Fortunately it was directly below the two bedrooms so in that regard, we were lucky.

The units were mounted high on wall brackets so that the condensation could be collected in to the storm water drain that ran along side the car space. Once again, a bit more luck! They were also mounted high up so that they did not take up precious car space and potentially be a problem down the track through continual use of the car park. Driving in and out and also trying to open the car door and not damage the units. That would have been a constant pain in the you know what.


Also, this was a rental property. Once the client had contacted us, we arranged the rest of the installation for him. That required us contacting the real estate agent and the tenets to arrange the quote and also to coordinate the installation as well.


You can see how we went about the installation in the video below.





This installation was in an older style apartment block in Hawthorn probably built sometime in the early seventies. It also required body corporate approval.

The owner did not want to have the outdoor unit in the living area sitting back to back because that would have situated it in an area that was going  to be turned into an outdoor entertaining space. It would have been inconvenient during summer as it would be blowing out hot air.

It was decided it would need to be moved further down the side of the building. Of course this added additional price to the install but is well worth it in the end.


This kind of installation also requires a sharp attention to detail when drilling holes in the walls. Being an older building, the render on the inside of the apartment can be quite brittle and prone to cracking or falling of in big chunks. Using techniques we have acquired over many years we are able to minimise the potential of this happening. The two air conditioners were quoted through our online quoting system.


You can see how we went about the installation in the video below.