Compliance certificates

Electrical and plumbing compliance certificates

Compliance certificate protects:

Your product warranty
Home and contents insurance

Make sure your installer is licensed. A refrigeration mechanic installs air conditioning and an electrician is required to wire it. You must receive a certificate for both parts of the installation. 

Some highly skilled electricians also carry a licence to install the unit and wire it. It is important to make sure you do not opt for cheap installations, as air conditioners have ozone depleting gases inside them. Not only can these gases hurt the environment but the lose of gas when being installed will also affect the proper running and efficiency of your unit.

Getting a licensed air conditioner installer also gives you great peace of mind knowing that if any problems occur down the track, it was installed in accordance with the required regulations and you have the compliance certificates.


Arctick approved

Always look for the Arctick when installing and air conditioner

Understand the impact

Did you know that the fluorocarbon refrigerant contained in air conditioners can be extremely harmful to the environment? In fact, 1 kilogram of refrigerant emissions has the same greenhouse impact as two tonnes of carbon dioxide, which is the equivalent of running your car for six months.
That’s why Australia has specific laws’ to help protect the environment and minimise anf further damage to the atmosphere when you buy or repair air conditioners.
Know the laws, know the responsibilities

Under the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act (1989), any one wanting to install or repair an air conditioner, either at home or in their car, must be an authorised business and a licensed technician. A Refrigerant Trading Authorisation is required when a business or individual acquires, possesses or disposes of refrigerant, while a Refrigerant Handling Licence is needed by any person that handles refrigerant.

Both the authorisation and the licence will display the ARCtick of approval.

Protect the environment, protect your warranty
By complying with the fluorocarbon refrigerant regulations, you not only help protect the environment, you may be protecting the validity of the warranty on your air conditioner.
In most cases, a products warranty depends on the unit being installed by a licenced installer. Always look for the ARCtick. So before you install or repair your air conditioner, make sure you do the right thing, and look for the ARCtick.

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