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We have installed hundreds of air conditioners in Eltham. We are local trusted installers.

Current force has been based around the Diamond Valley are for over 14 years and we have installed hundreds of split systems in Eltham in that time. 

One of the advantages to that kind of experience is the ability to know the kinds of houses common in Eltham. Being a hilly area a lot of homes are built on sloping blocks and are generally larger homes. It’s common for customers in this area to install more than one system to heat and cool their homes. 



The video below is one of our most popular installation videos and was a multi split system installed into a home in Eltham.


This installation was also in Eltham and involved running pipes through the roof space. The client installed 1 x 7KW Daikin unit in the lounge room and 3 x Mitsubishi Heavy Industries units in the bedrooms. As two of the bedrooms face the front of the house it also had a narrow walk way there too. Locating the outdoor units at the front of the house wasn’t really an option. Its was decided to take the pipes up into the roof and run them to the side of the house. 

One of the indoor bedroom units backed onto a cupboard in the neighbouring bedroom which allowed us to take the pipes into the wall cavity and up into the roof without cutting out plaster or having internal duct work inside the cupboard. It also allowed us to take the condensation drain into the cupboard and down to a low height before it was drilled outside at the front of the house minimising external drains on the front of the home. The outdoor units were mounted onto we all brackets to keep them out of the way as there was a gate and a walkway on the side of the house.

The two units on the other side of the house (one bedroom unit and the lounge room unit) were mounted on walls that faced the street. We located them at a height that kept them obscured from the street view. Being in Eltham means of course there are plenty of trees, shrubs and bushes around to help dampen the visual impact of the air conditioners.





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