Why does the installation cost of split system air conditioner vary?

Well, it’s kind of like asking ” why does a juicy steak perfectly cooked to your liking cost more than a cheese burger from Mc Donalds? ” Care, attention, superior quality meat and most importantly, satisfying the customer with a great experience as opposed to a fast, cheap but ultimately  unsatisfying one.

In many cases a split system can be installed back to back, and you will find the prices are pretty much the same across the board from most installers. Anywhere from $700 – $800. You might see people advertising for around $400 who fail to include the electrical work. One of the worst problems that occurs is when people purchase the unit from either an online store or a bulk store then need to organise two more contractors to install it. A refrigeration mechanic and an electrician, who both hopefully can provide compliance certificates. Aside from all the extra effort required to arrange those three things, if something goes wrong with the unit, who is going to take responsibilty and come and fix it?

Most manufactures have a standard policy of making your installers come and check the unit first before they will send out a service agent. Is a customer going to be happy if you offer a super cheap price on an installation and end up locating the out door unit right next to their front door because it is closer to the indoor unit? Is the cheap upfront cost going to eat away in the back of their mind every time they come home and stare straigh at it? Probably. Sometimes it is not only best to move the unit
Having an air conditioner installed properly is every bit as important as buying the right one. Getting the right size for the job, deciding on the right brand and determining the right features for you.