Installing an air conditioner in an apartment – internal duct work on plaster

Indoor unit on internal wall plus internal duct work

Suburb – Melbourne (third storey apartment, modern)

This installation required the use of internal duct work with no outside duct work at all!

None of the external walls of the lounge room had enough space to mount the indoor unit. The only solution was to mount the air conditioning head on an internal wall. Fortunately in this situation the lounge room wall (which was the perfect position for great air flow) had a closet on the other side of it. This allows us to run internal ducting with minimal visual impact on the apartment walls. Once the closet is filled up again with clothes and other things that get stored in closets the duct is hardly visable.

The only main piece of duct work that can be seen is the horizontal part running parralel with the skirting board. In this apartment the room was a spare room which has a couch sitting against the window. 

Important point 1 – The drain located on the balcony, under the fake grass was perfectly suited for the outdoor air conditioning unit to sit above it. It is directly under the out door air conditioner.

Important point 2 – The closet door was still able to shut completely. The ducting was cut into the wall to make it flush with the closet architrove.


indoor and outdoor units

No outside duct was used making the balcony unaffected.

internal duct work

 Internal duct work running along skirting to out door unit