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We have extensive experience installing air conditioners in Melbourne VIC and it’s surrounding suburbs. From residential homes and high rise apartments to commercial offices and shops.


A split system air conditioner’s maximum efficiency and long-term reliability are directly linked with the quality of the installation. Make sure you speak to one of our heating and cooling experts for the best possible advice on a split system air conditioning installation.

As you will see with some of our examples, fittings can vary considerably. Whether it be noise factors, visual considerations or concerns about limiting access or space around your home, it is really helpful to get an idea of what can and can’t be done and the options you have to make sure you are happy with the locations of both the indoor and outdoor units.How much does it cost to install a split system air conditioner? An air conditioning installation vary from standard back to back installs to complex situations. Browsing our examples will give you a good idea on how much it may cost you depending on your situation.


Installing split systems in residential houses

With a large variety of homes in Melbourne there can be many different types of installation types to satisfy individual needs.


Single storey homes – all types and ages

Fitting an air conditioning system into a single storey home can range between a simple process and a challenging one depending on the type of home and the desired location of the indoor and outdoor units.

Our prices start with single storey homes


Double storey homes – all types and ages

Fitting air conditioning systems into second storey rooms presents a variety of things to consider including cost.

The main focus with these type of heating and cooling system installations is where to locate the outdoor unit (compressor).

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New homes – quoting of the plan stage

When installing in a new home there are a few different stages that need to be considered.

The first consideration is to decide what kind of units you want in your new home and the best place to locate both in door and outdoor units. That is all done prior to construction based on the plans of the home.

Secondly, you need to decide whether you want to run all the pipes, drain and electrical cables before the plaster is put in.


Understanding costs

The cost of installing a split system can vary due to a wide range of factors. Check out our examples and find out why.


Installing split systems in residential apartments

Our experience in apartment installations covers virtually every style. From new to old and low rise to high rise, we can help you getting a split system installed and body corporate approval.

New apartments

New apartments – Usually built from the 90s onward

New apartments come in many different shapes and sizes. Proper planning before you install your air conditioner is very important.
Most Melbourne apartments will require body corporate approval.

older apartments

Older apartments – Usually built in the 60s, 70s, 80s.

Older apartments require special attention to details for things such as old rendered on walls and out of date electrical wiring.
Most Melbourne apartments will require body corporate approval.


High rise apartments –

Usually inner city, South Bank, St Kilda and surrounding areas

High rise apartments require a balcony for outdoor unit location. They also require proper planning before fitting an aircon system to avoid any added costs.
Most Melbourne apartments will require body corporate approval.

body corporate checklist

Gaining body corporate approval

We have extensive experience dealing with Body Corp especially in apartment situations…yep!

Multi split system air conditioners

Is it better or cheaper to install a multi system?

A multi split system is an air conditioner that has only one outdoor unit capable of running more than one indoor unit.

mutli split system installation


BACK TO BACK INSTALLATION - The easiest and cheapest install.

Back to back installation

The indoor unit is mounted on an external wall and the outdoor unit is located directly behind it on the ground. Simple!

INTERMEDIATE - Units on wall brackets or around corners

intermediate installation

When the outdoor unit is mounted somewhere other than back to back like on walls, or around corners.

ADVANCED INSTALLATION - Mounted on roofs, internal walls and special situations...

Advanced installation

When the outdoor unit is mounted somewhere other than back to back like on walls, or around corners.

Split system installation Pricing examples - extras

Pricing example 1 - Second storey family room

This installation is in a second storey family room. Unit installed was a 5.0kw Carrier split system. Fortunately there is a flat roof directly behind the indoor unit location so the most cost effective solution is to mount the outdoor unit right behind it. Being second storey the installation will cost more than the same install on the ground floor. Lifting the unit onto the roof takes consideration and time.

Fully installed Carrier 5.0kw - $2495 inc GST

Pricing example 2 - Lounge room and bedroom combo

This installation was in a fairly new townhouse. The client wanted a solution for downstairs and an upstairs bedroom. The downstairs unit was deliberately located on the left side of the room so the pipes were able to exit to the external wall. Locating it any further to the right (the middle of the room) would mean the pipes would exit into the garage further complicating the install and affecting the cost. The upstairs unit was placed to the side of the room and the outdoor unit location will be directly and conveniently on the other side of the wall.

Pricing example 2 - Outdoor unit locations

The pipes on the lounge room unit exit precisely where we wanted them to and are run inside a duct up to the garage roof where the outdoor unit will be located. The drain runs down to the garden below. The duct is also nicely concealed from view by the down pipe. The bedroom unit sits right behind the indoor unit. Basically a back to back installation. Nice and neat!

Fully installed price for 2.5kw and 7.1kw Mitsubishi units - $4795

Pricing example 3 - Around a corner

This is a pretty straightforward forward installation. Single storey brick veneer. It could have been a straight forward back to back installation but the outdoor unit would have been in a walkway area so the client asked to locate it around the back of the house. The extra cost for the pip and duct work was charged at $45 per meter which was 4 meters.

Unit installed- 2.5kw Mitsubishi Heavy price $1995 inc GST

Pricing example 4 - Pipes through roof

This install is pretty tricky and was a lot of work. The inside walls where double brick and the roof had solar panels located right where we need to work!

The client wanted the out door units around the side of the house.

Pricing example 4 - Pipes through roof

Fortunately we where able to work around them but it did add a lot more time onto the job (added cost). These kinds of installs can be dangerous pulling pipes through the roof, working off ladders and avoiding damage to the solar panels. Drains were run across to the down pipe.

Fully installed price 2.5kw and 6.8kw LG - $5750 inc GST.

Pricing example 5 - extra pipe and duct

This install is a tad different as you can see. The client came up with this solution as the best option for them as all the other options would have had the unit on the front of the house balcony. They don't use that door in the photo so they were happy to go ahead with this.

Fully installed Panasonic 5.0kw - $2595 inc GST

pricing example 6 - Wall bracket

Installations like this one are common in apartment buildings. The inside room backs onto the carpark under the building. The simplest option is to mount it on a wall bracket. Other options are to run more ducting along the wall and locate the unit out of sight which adds more cost. Also body corporate will have a say in it too. What looks worse, the unit on the wall or more duct run along it?

Fully installed Fujitsu 5.0kw price - $2750

pricing example 7 - Extra duct

This installation had a pre determined destiny! The client had thought ahead and wanted to locate the outdoor unit out of the elements and had already had a concrete slab waiting. The extras on this job are the pipes, duct and work ($45 per meter). The out door unit is also around a corner. The client made the right choice on this location as having the unit on the ground would have it being less protected and also running duct over the sone wall would have looked pretty weird.

Fully installed price 7.1kw Mitsubishi split system - $3295 inc GST

Pricing example 8 - working at height, extra pipe and duct, roof mounted

Even though this is a fairly basic install it does required working off ladders at second storey height and also lifting a heavy air conditioner onto a roof. Pipe and duct is charged at $45 per meter.

Fully installed price for 2.5kw LG split system - $2150 inc GST

Pricing example 9

This is a great example of needing to spend extra money to get a better outcome. The indoor unit was located on an external wall that backed onto the clothes line. The client did not want the outdoor unit located there so it was placed further down the side of the house. There was also a gate there as well so it was decided to take it even further so there was no issues with access when opening and closing it. The client also wanted to upgrade the ducting to colour bond to match the gutters on the house.

Price - 7.1kw Mitsubishi SRK71ZRA $2850

Extra pipe and colour bond - $300

Total - $3150 inc GST



We also offer replacement of your old or broken air conditioning systems with our new system at an affordable price.

Many homes and apartments have existing split systems that have either broken down or are loud and in-efficient. Our professional technicians can replace them with new systems.

Whether you’re after cool air or warm air,  split systems can deliver both! Upgrading to the latest energy efficient systems is well worth it. Replacing air conditioners can make the process simpler. Current Force supplies only the latest and most reliable models of all brands. Brands include Daikin, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, LG and more. 

There are some things you will need to know.

Current force services all of Melbourne metro area, CBD and surrounding suburbs. We are based in the Diamond Valley area and are a trusted local company. We provide fast and easy supply and installation quotes on air conditioners.