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Advanced air conditioning installations require a great degree of skill and care. They can include everything from lifting units onto roofs and roof brackets, lifting up roofs to run pipes, cutting out plaster walls, and many other situations that present difficult challenges. It’s jobs like these that make you glad you got the right people.

What you get:

  • Outdoor unit positioned on – to be determined through online quote
  • Refrigeration pipe and interconnecting cables – to be determined through online quote
  • Electrical supply – to be determined through online quote
  • Duct cover – to be determined through online quote
  • Weatherproof Electrical isolator next to outdoor unit
  • Drain – to be determined through online quote
  • Compliance certificates
  • 2.5kw to 5.0kw connected to existing power circuit
  • 6.0kw to 8.0kw connected to a new 20 amp circuit


  • Piping and interconnecting electrical and duct cover $45 per metre (over 3 meters)
  • Wall bracket $100 – $150 depending on size and the height it is mounted at.
  • Roof bracket $250

These prices include both refrigeration work and electrical work.



  • 7.1kw unit 
  • Piping and interconnecting electrical and duct lengths (extra 4 meters)0
  • Running pipes through flat roof space 

Total of installation – $3100 inc GST 


  • Client didn’t want outdoor unit to sit below window as it was a narrow walkway below.
  • The solution was to take the pipes up into the roof, which is flat tin. Pipes had to go through two parts of the roof and then come down the back side of the house where the outdoor air conditioning unit was out of the way.
  • It wasn’t mounted closer to the indoor unit on the roof because the client didn’t want to see it on the roof.


  • 7.1kw unit
  • Piping and interconnecting electrical (extra 2 meters) 
  • Roof bracket 

Total of installation – $3070 inc GST


  • Client didn’t want the unit to sit on their decking so the solution was to mount the outdoor unit onto the roof. As you can see, getting a heavy air conditioner up onto to a pitched colourbond roof can be very dangerous. Making sure the right installer is installing your air conditioner in this situation is mandatory. Imagine one of these things falling off your roof!


  • 9.0kw unit
  • Piping and interconnecting electrical (extra 2 meters) 
  • Running pipes through bulk head (requires lifting roof) 

Total of installation – $3770 inc GST


This installation was in a commercial office. There were 3 units in total. The first photo shows the indoor unit. Due to restrictions on locating the units on an external wall, the unit was mounted on an internal wall. No holes, ducts or pipes were allowed on the outside of the building.

Pipes were run internally straight up to the roof. Drain was taken outside to down the pipe. All the duct and drain were later painted to blend as best as possible.

All three outdoor units were mounted on the roof. The installation required:

  • Lifting roof sheets
  • Crane truck to lift units
  • Roof brackets
  • Minimising brick dust when drilling
  • Working around office hours
  • Minimal disruption to business