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Actron Ducted Air Conditioners

We offer Actron ducted air conditioners for sale at great prices which include expert installation. We can also supply a suitable air conditioning installation kit.

Actron ducted air conditioning is well known in the industry as the top end ducted air conditioner of choice for both residential and commercial installations favoured by customers wanting the best.

Made in Australia for the harsh Australian climate, they incorporate some of the best technology available in air conditioning today. Actron ducted air conditioners are capable of an operating range anywhere between 10 -100% capacity. Which means it can run as low as doing just a single bedroom. Also, if used with Actrons own zoning system incorporated directly into the controller, running costs can be dramatically reduced. Actrons ESP Plus and ESP Ultima are truly one of modern air conditionings greatest achievements.

We offer Actronair ducted air conditioners for sale at great prices including installation. So if Actron air conditioning is for you, call us now and arrange an on site inspection or send us your plans.

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