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About current force

Current Force arranges fast and easy supply and installation quotes on air conditioners.

Wasted time is wasted money.

There are hundreds of online stores with no idea of the serious nature of having a split system installed. We are not here to compete on ridiculous pricing from websites that have no recorse for after sales service or offer uninformed and unrealistic installation pricing, because we know the steps involved in having one of these systems installed.

Buying a unit is one thing but having it delivered, installed by a refrigeration mechanic and wired by an electrician, not to mention all the finer points of organizing the installation is not so simple. Our main customer base are people interested in a full service experience who know they need to get it done right. Also, our installation and unit packages are competitively priced.

Our unique online quoting system, based on years of experience in the domestic market gets things happening quick!

Being able to speak to an actual installer when deciding on the best location of your split system air conditioner is a valuable service we offer when getting an installation quote.


We are a leading air conditioning installation and supplier in Melbourne focusing on installation information and best brand advice. Our vast range of products are of the highest standards in the industry maintaining excellent levels of energy efficiency and value for money.

At Current force Electrics, we continue to grow as a reliable and customer focused business continually seeking improvements in installation quoting and supply of the best air conditioners.