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Mitsubishi MSZ-GE25VA

2.5Kw Cooling/3.2Kw Heating

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The Mitsubishi MSZ-GE25VA inverter split system is perfect for bedrooms, small lounges, small offices. Cools a space up to 25m2. Quality brand at a great price. PLUS MITSUBISHI $100 EFTPOS CARD.


All products include back-to-back installation
2.5Kw Cooling/3.2Kw Heating
Energy Efficiency Rating (EER)
Coefficient of Performance (COP)
Indoor Specifications
Net Dimensions mm
(w x h x d)
295 x 798 x 232
Net Weight kg
Outdoor Specifications
Net Dimensions mm
(w x h x d)
550 x 800 x 285
Net Weight kg

Mitsubishi 2.5Kw Cooling/3.2Kw Heating

The Mitsubishi MSZ25GE inverter split system comes fully installed back to back.  Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are a top quality unit. Product comes with a 5 year residential warranty and a 6 year installation warranty. Installation comes with compliance certificates for both refrigeration and electrical work which are required by law.

The Mitsubishi MSZ25GE split system air conditioner is a very popular choice for small rooms 4m x 5m or less (there can be variables that need to be assessed). In a space that small units can be positioned in the centre of the room or on the sides without making to much difference in their effectiveness. They include internal louvers which can direct the air in either positions.

They are rated at 2.5kw cooling but are capable of operating anywhere from 1.1kw to 3.5kw (for a limited time) so they only use the energy required at any given time. They are capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -15 degrees for heating up to 46 degrees for cooling.


Understanding the air conditioners efficiency

Air conditioning sizing guide


Back to Back

The cheapest and easiest installation option. The indoor units are directly behind the walls and the pipes and drain run straight down away to the outdoor unit.


Intermediate air conditioning installations are when the outdoor air conditioner might need to go on a different wall to the indoor unit or around a corner or up on a wall bracket.


Advanced air conditioning installations require a great degree of skill and care. They can include everything from lifting units on to roofs and roof brackets, lifting up roofs to run pipes, cutting out plaster walls, and many other situations that present difficult challenges. It's jobs like these that make you glad you got the right people.

Delivery Options

When you purchase any of the split system air conditioners through this website we arrange the installation for you and we deliver you a brand new highly efficient inverter split system from the best air conditioner manufacturers in the world. We deliver it right to your door. Or to make it even more convenient we can bring it when we come to do the installation!

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